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Updated: Mar 28, 2022

We hope you’re enjoying Round 2 of the Real Talk podcast and wanted to extend a MASSIVE thank you to Workplace Law who’ve partnered with our podcast!

You’ve probably noticed their logos and our support for them in the most recent episodes.

It’s so exciting for Real Talk and also a relief to know organisations and brands are starting to take notice of what we do and like it.

With Workplace Law supporting us, we are able to run the business professionally, properly and know we can lean on Shane and Athena - who are big advocates for equality and we are genuinely stoked to have their guidance, knowledge and contribution.

Workplace Law is a law firm focused on empowering female athletes to take control of their careers.

If you can’t afford an agent or would like to manage your own career, Workplace Law would love to help you.

  • guidance through the complexities of player contracts, negotiations and sponsorship agreements.

  • Personal brand building.

  • mentoring with on and off field careers.

  • crisis management and work with individuals to ensure they respond to incidents and media stories in an appropriate manner.

  • advice and representation in disciplinary hearings and tribunals.

How to connect with them:


Insta: @workplacelawau

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